Monday, November 30, 2009

Inviting Groups of Singing Teenagers

We are looking for groups of children who can swing people from the main stage with their music.
Classical-folksy music, a medley of 6 songs perhaps. . .
Every evening, we feature a group on the main stage.
If you are keen, contact now.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Mylapore Song: Be inspired by A R Rahman

The Mylapore Anthem we produced for last year's fest became quite popular. It is still playing on the desk of some NRIs, I am told. ( you can listen to it/ watch the simple video) on the Fest web site -

This year, we want to invite musicians to do their own thing.
Write the lyrics, compose the music and prepare for a 30min. studio recording.

So if you are ready with the creative, we will find a studio for you. The best studio.

Guideline - the song should capture the Mylapore spirit.

Everybody, at least every AR Rahman fan knows the Mozart of Madras spun the Mylapore Blues song 2 years ago ( you can catch it here -

Surely, there are dozens of musicians of all streams - Carnatic, rock, pop, light, film, rap, jazz . . who can go out, sit on the steps of the temple tank and write a song.

Buzz your ideas at -

Talks: What subjects interest you?

For 2010, we have planned a package of talks.
On all 4 evenings at the hall at Sir Sivaswami Girls Hr Sec School on Sundareswarar Street.
We plan to have 4 different speakers to speak on 4 diverse topics.

Illustrated talks should be more attractive.

We have sounded out a few people.
One has suggested the theme to focus on the classical dance heritage of Mylapore.
Another may want to present the social history of Palathope, the colony of advocates.
A third theme on our mind was - Role of Studios in Mylaporeans' Life.

We want you to also suggest themes that we can explore. You can even suggest good speakers.
These are NOT academic talks. Keep this in mind when you suggest.

You can post your ideas here. A discussion is also welcome.
After all the Sundaram Finance-MYLAPORE FESTIVAL is all about involving the community.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Treasure Hunt & Mylapore Quiz Confirmed

These 2 events are confirmed for 2010.

The Mylapore Treasure Hunt. The Mylapore Quiz.

The first requires teams to trace a route using the clue sheet and finding answers to the questions related to the ques. The answers are of course found at each location!
Since some smarties used new tech devices to make life easy on the hunt, we will allow teams to use Twitters and Google Maps or any other gadget that may arrive in Jan.2010.
You can also drive around in cars - but this time, the clues will end in lanes and bylanes!
After all, we want you to know Mylapore well!

The Mylapore Quiz is a popular event. It brings families to the contest since the questions are a mix of local history and heritage and current news and info.
But the questions can be tough.
Like this one - How many religions are represented in the arch at the entrance of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan? Name them all.

More info on date and venue fill follow . . .

P.S. - Mylapore Times, the neighbourhood newspaper ( published every Sat. will carry a teaser Mylapore Quiz every week in December. That should warm you up. Look out for it. Should we reproduce it here?You tell us!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The 21 dots Challenge!

How big a space would a '21 dots to 1 dot' kolam occupy?
How many designs can come out in those specified number of dots?
Can small kolam patterns be combined to make it to a big 21 dots kolam?
A little research and expert opinions had to be gathered before drawing up a grid for 2010 fest kolam contest.
A set pattern starting with 21 dots in the centre line ending with 1 dot on either side will be the base for the contest.
This means all the participants would be keeping same number and pattern of 'pullis' and make designs on them.
This may be simple for women who draw kolams everyday in their front yards.
This may also interest math lovers and students as to how Fibonacci numbers play a role in kolam patterns!
Here is the basic grid and two simple patterns to make a start. Go ahead, and research. There are a numberof patterns waiting to sit on these dots and make a beautiful kolam of your own creation!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How do we make Mada Streets Bright?

Each year tests us.

We have done little things to add to the colour of the Fest. Designer Kuberan created the simple cloth lamps that lined the East Madas and Sannithi Streets in 2008 and 2009.

Sundaram Finance's MD, T T Srinivasaraghavan wanted the streets to be colourful at daytime. And that has set us thinking.

It isnt easy trying to colour the facades in a hugely busy shopping and religious destination - dozens of boards, dozens of lights, dozens of poles, wires and windows.

One trial is on - two artists are working on cloth that will be strung across walls in the Fest zone. Do you think this will make the place a tad colourful? We want your ideas too. And if you are a Fine Arts / Design student lend a hand. (Mail us your contact).

Kolam Contest will be a challenge

The 2010 Kolam Contests are going to be a challenge.

All contestants will have to start on a pre-set grid of dots ( how many? Wait for a few days to know all this).

That means you will need to plan, prepare and then design the kolam. You cant land up and design what you have in mind.

Log on - details will be out in a week's time. Then, grab all the kolam design books and practice. Prizes for the creative best.

Do you think this will bring out the best? Share your views here. Now!

Shoot Mylapore!

This is the idea. For Fest 2010.
And we are sharing it with the Madras Photowalkers.

In early December 2009, we will be organising a walk that will take people through a few streets and lanes of Mylapore. You need to have a camera ( any make, any size, any function) and you need to focus on the theme - Local Architecture.

We hope to exhibit the pictures at an exhibition to be held during the Fest.

Details will be posted here soon. Prelim work is on.
Want to suggest streets near the temple and Chitrakulam zone which are 'must see' places. Remember we are shooting local architecture - street and tiled houses, unique doors and locks, Madras terraces, thinnai and thalvarams. . .
We welcome suggestions.
And walkers!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mylapore festival 2010

The organizers of the Mylapore Festival invite creative people who wish to participate in the many events of the fest to send us their applications. This invitation is open to individuals, institutions and groups. Submissions close on Nov.30, 2009.

1. CRAFTS EXHIBITION & SALE - We invite men and women of Mylapore who have specialised in traditional craftswork and wish to set up stalls on a streetspace on four evenings to display and sell small pieces. Tell us what you do and what your skills are.

2. PERFORMING ARTISTES - We invite teachers of classical and folk dance who also have students to present semi-classical and folk dance productions on stage for about 30/40 minutes. Mail us the story line and production details. Be prepared for an audition.

3. CRAFTS TEACHERS - We invite men / women who can hold creative workshops for children during the festival for an hour. Tell us what you can offer to share and resources required for the same.

4. CREATIVE MODEL MAKERS - We are looking for people who can create miniature models on themes related to cultural events / rural life / historical themes / religious or heritage places on an area of 3 x 4 ft. which can be used as part of an exhibition. Write and tell us the themes you are good at creating, materials you use and unique features you wish to present.

All those who wish to submit proposals may do so by Nov.30, 2009. You can e-mail them to or post to The Director, Mylapore Festival, c/o Mylapore Times, Alwarpet, Chennai 18.