Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stella Maris' PR Team is Out!

We are happy to have a team from the PR Studies Dept of Stella Maris College.
Their Head, Prof. Sundari was glad to let her girls work on this event.
A set of girls are doing the rounds of the mada veedhis distributing the Fest invites to all the stores and households. A personal touch here.

Another team will invite women who design great kolams but never get to read about the Fest, to sign up this year for the grand Kolam Contests (Jan 8 and ( afternoon).
A promo on a bullock cart and some nadaswaram would have made a huge impact this margazhi - we may think of this next year.

If there are other creative college groups who wish to work alongside this Fest, buzz us now.

Want to Volunteer?

The volunteers are having a meeting on Sunday, Jan.2.
We always get a cheery bunch of 60yearolds, 30yearolds and the odd teenager.

If you want to devote 3 hrs a day for four days at the Fest sign up at -
Revathi is the co ordinator.
You get a Tee and a cert. No big cash!

Two Contests on January 2. Come over!

We just finished fine tuning the clues for the Discover Mylapore contest.
Could we have made it a tad tough?
You tell us after the test on Sunday afternoon. Lets meet at 3.30 p.m. at Nageswarar Rao Park, Luz.

Three to a team. Come in with your friends - this can be fun when you bike around with a clue sheet to check out landmarks and pop spots in the area and find answers to our queries.

There is another contest at the Park. For kids who draw well with kolams.
A sit-design-think-colour kind of creative test.
We were astonished at the creative juices that came up last year.
Come over and watch this event.

A Green T-shirt. And another with a Peacock Motif!

There will be two Tees on sale at the Fest.

One created using the prize winning design, a orangy blue peacock.
And another that our sponsor, Sundaram Finance has created with a green, green theme.

Both should appeal to you. So when you are at the Fest buy both.
The peacock motif will be available in black and in white base colour.

We have not decided on the prices. But you can afford them. And your friends abroad would love them as gifts!

Walking with Kids! And GSLV goes up in flames

I didnt have a decent Christmas party!
I always celebrate it with Pongal or thereafter - well after the 'season' and the Mylapore Fest is done.

We had a Photowalk for Kids on Christmas Day.
Eleven kids came along - with their cameras.
We started off at the 16-pillared mantap outside Sri Kapali Temple, with Revathi as the team leader.
And the kids soon found that there was a lot to shoot.

Then suddenly, we caught up with a group on Ponnambala Vadyar Street which gazed at a huge spiral of smoke and fumes in the skies. Word came in that the GSLV launch from Sriharikota had been aborted and the launch vehicle destroyed. Some of the kids captured this on cam.

Whew! What a slow walk it was. And what a wonderful end at a heritage house on South Mada Street where Kalathi's rosemilk was served and the best pictures downloaded on to a Mac.

Look out for the photo exhibition at the 'theradi' during the Fest.

Please Note: The senior Chennai PhotoWalkers are offering some of their best photos (framed) as souvenirs at the Fest. Classic pictures taken in Mylapore. Check them out at the Info Booth.

Slow start on Blog

Now why did I neglect this blog when the Fest preparations had rolled 2 months ago?
I dont have an answer.
Perhaps we got swamped with the December season (
We pulled up the Fest dates because we felt margazhi is the best time to have such a Fest.
We hope we are right.
And we are harrdly a week away and cant think of a decent New Year celebration!