Thursday, February 04, 2010


We enjoyed the cycle-rickshaw tour you organised for the ' Mylapore Festival'. Getting to know our city and it's history and culture is one way of appreciating it. The knowledge and experience empowers and motivates us for the conservation and protection. We intend to make our kids a part of this campaign / movement.
- Uma Naren, Chennai.

I am proud I am a Mylaporeian. I am regular visitor of the 'Mylapore Festival' from the year it started and have enjoyed the core events.
This year there was a human sea in the Food Street. I was also a part of it. On 22nd, I was having my snacks sitting near the Food Token Counter and could see the young girls efficiently handling the issue of tokens and handling cash simultaneously. I could see the plight of one girl who gamely did her work though she did not have five rupees in change.
I promised her that I would bring 5 rupee coins the next day and kept my promise - I gave her 40 such coins.
I am happy became part of this pretigious festival by doing this very, very, very little voluntary service.
- K. Renuja, Mylapore.

Congratulations to Vincent D' Souza and the team for the funtastic (pun intended) festival.
My list of things I enjoyed at the festival - All the talks at Lady Sivaswamy School, the variety of food, the first day show of the grand dance of 'Janani Jagat Karini' and the last day show of vintage film classics and the kolams in plain white maavu as usual tops all these!
Here are some cribbings - these may be of value to you.
-Pitchu Pillai Street is too narrow and the construction materials strewn all over adds to the congestion. You can think of alternate street.
-Lady Sivaswamy school hall is not suited for talks as it echos hugely.
- You can have volunteers posted on the southern side of the main stage to help temple goers head to the temple smoothly.
- A complete synopsis of what happened where at the festival in 'Mylapore Times' will be good reading pleasure as many events overlap each other. We could not visit the park in any of the four days.
- The contribution by your lieutenant Revathi needs a mention. Our family, myself, my wife and two grand children alone called 10 times and all the times we received correct and patient information. It is hard to find someone who works only with the identity of a phone number and not his or her name nowadays. Our sincere thanks and kudos to her.
- The festival team can also conduct more walks around this area under a banner 'Celebrating Mylapore' throughout the year and finally culminate in a grand walk during the Festival time. Residents of this locality can be invited to participate in the walk and share information.
- Brig. M. Gopalakrishnan, Mylapore.