Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Mylapore Chase - Submit answers before Jan. 1, 2012

Every year, the festival encourages the young and the old to join hands and discover the naighbourhood. Mylapore is a treasure trove of history, culture, art, religion and social history.
The teams that participate in the physical Mylapore Chase always enjoyed going around the small and big streets of Mylapore and discover new things!
This time it is an online hunt.
Santhosh Subramanian, who runs Bambaram Toy Library has volunteered to link the clues to Google map and co-ordinate the online chase.
With two clues every alternate day, he has just put up the final set of clues today. The answers should be mailed on or before Jan. 1, midnight.

Here is the link to participate in the hunt.

Follow the rules given on this blog. Go hunting online from wherever you are.
There are goodies to win as in the past years.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Theme song for Mylapore

Sing a song celebrating the communities of Mylapore!
Here comes the theme song for this year's festival.

A team of youngsters guided by the dance guru Revathi Ramachandran, who picked up verses exactly matching the theme of the audio-video-multimedia-dance narrative production planned for this year have created this.
The lyrics are set to tune by Ms. V. Nandini, a music teacher based in R.A. Puram.
Click on the play button to play the song.

Lyrics: Bharathiyaar’s composition - 'Thozhil'
Tunes: Smt. Nandini Venkatraman
Sound Direction: Sri Baba Prasad


1. N. Aishwarya
2. V.Srivaralakshmi
3. M. Hariganesh
4. S.Samanvitha
5. S.Sridharini


1. B. Aravind
2. S.Sidharth

Keyboard: S.Sidharth

1. M.Hariganesh
2. Baba Prasad

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fest in Open Spaces: the challenges

There are many challenges you face when you run an arts fest in public spaces, that too in one of Chennai's most famed spaces - the precincts of Sri Kapali Temple.

The idea that we have been driving is the need to create heritage zones in spaces like these, declare them as walk only zones and let people enjoy the sights and sounds, shop in peace and take home nice experiences.

Thankfully, the city police and the courts have seen our point and their responses have encouraged us.

Yet, we have to work with the traditions of this space. This year, the religious events at the temple will call for processions of the gods every day, morn and evening and so, we have had to redesign our stage and events to respect the processions.

Photo Exhibition; Mylapore

Photographer R. Saravanan who works for Mylapore Times has a collection of pictures of Mylapore of the past. One set of vocational studies that students in the 60s used to pursue in local schools.
Another set of social events in homes and around.

Saravanan is still looking for 'old Mylapore' pictures and would be happy if you wish to contribute too.
He just copied pictures of carol singers doing the rounds of the area in the early 70s.
You call Sara at 98410 22843.

The show will be on either North Mada or East Mada Street. Jan 5 to 8, 2012

Want to offer Elai Sapad?

We would like the elai sapad idea to catch on. And we have been spreading the word.
Four people have shown some interest in this concept for this year's Fest. Do spread the word.
You need to entertain one or two guests for starters. That should do!

Very Mylaporean to add to the Festival of 2012.
If you wish to have more info on this concept call 98405 44629 ( Revathi).