Friday, December 30, 2011

Theme song for Mylapore

Sing a song celebrating the communities of Mylapore!
Here comes the theme song for this year's festival.

A team of youngsters guided by the dance guru Revathi Ramachandran, who picked up verses exactly matching the theme of the audio-video-multimedia-dance narrative production planned for this year have created this.
The lyrics are set to tune by Ms. V. Nandini, a music teacher based in R.A. Puram.
Click on the play button to play the song.

Lyrics: Bharathiyaar’s composition - 'Thozhil'
Tunes: Smt. Nandini Venkatraman
Sound Direction: Sri Baba Prasad


1. N. Aishwarya
2. V.Srivaralakshmi
3. M. Hariganesh
4. S.Samanvitha
5. S.Sridharini


1. B. Aravind
2. S.Sidharth

Keyboard: S.Sidharth

1. M.Hariganesh
2. Baba Prasad

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