Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thanks SF!

Time to say Thank You to our sponsors, Sundaram Finance.
Team SF was led personally by its chief exec, T T Srinivasaraghavan (TTS) and Vice President, Sivakumar.

It is that extra effort that SF puts into this Fest that we curate and host that makes things a tad easy.

Sunday's events ran smooth which enabled TTS to decorate the promoters of Dubba Chetty Store, Mylapore with the Pride of Mylapore award and hop across to the temple to take out the gold ther in a procession, a Fest idea that has been maintained all the years.

Thanks SF.

Calling Creative People - for 2012

Yes, You are welcome to send us creative ideas, your production details and the rest for Fest 2012.
Now. Because plans roll out 2 days after a Fest closes. And surely you don't want to be late.

We have already signed up 3 new volunteers who just came back from the USA. And 2 artists who have an idea to share along the way.

A production for kids will float in mid year.
On the cards is a video fest of films made by youths and kids. Shooting will start in June.

Our email -

Sold Out!

The cloth bags promoted by sponsors Sundaram Finance were a big hit.
So were the Tees.

Till late on Sunday night, visitors checked out for bags at the Info Booth but by then the bags had been packed.

The demand for black Tees, with the peacock motif was high. Bookings have been made and a lot of 100 has been ordered.
If you want to grab the peacock motif black Tee, reserve one now. Or drop into the Mylapore Times office ( 2498 2244) next week after your Pongal festivities and buy one here ( Alwarpet).

I think we should have had more souvenirs. People love them.
Give us your ideas!

Thank you kids!

The Kids Zone had a nice start this year.
On Sunday, about 60 children signed up for various art/craft learning sessions at Lady Sivaswamy School hall. Magician Baba Prasad treated them and their parents to a magic show, real close!

Time now to think of raising the level of this act, threading it to other events for children and getting dozens and dozens of them to sign up.
We have some nice ideas for 2012.
Do share yours too. Write to us!

A Kolam Art Show?

This is being posted after the curtains came down on the 2011 Fest.

The focus was again on a few areas.

1. Kolam. The quality of kolam are Day 2 were very high. Judging was tough and the best got the prizes.
A thought came up - plan for a Kolam Art Exhibition whereby the road is barricaded and floodlights set up so that the 100 plus kolams can be viewed by the public from 5 pm to 11 pm.
What do you think of this idea?

2. A Saturday Night Fest - on the cards. If the Kolam Show gathers pace then small shows will run from 9.30 pm to 11 pm and the art and food streets will remain open late. The idea is to get Madras to come over to Mylapore and soak in late!
Good idea?

Send us yours!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Drizzles do not dampen the spirit

The clouds gathered on day two of the fest.
Dancer Premnath and his 35 young artistes were engrossed in their dance drama 'Andal Kalyanam' when tiny droplets started falling from the sky. But the little Andal went on inviting her friends to see the Lord through Tiruppavai.
The audience looked for a shelter for a few seconds but were back to their seats within no time. The finale was wonderful.
These challenges are common in fests in the open. Artistes understand. Audience co-operate.
And that makes the festival more colourful and enjoyable.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Sober start

Day One was cool and sober. Perhaps its nice to start a Fest this way. People settle down, things fall in place.
Day one needs time to settle volunteers, artistes, craftspeople and participants so that the streets come alive.
They did as the buzz got around.
And there was a nice round of applause for the first big dance drama show on the main stage by Revathi Ramachandran and her dancers.
If you are at the Fest, do mail us pictures and words. Or send us links of your blogposts.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Long, long walk down Edward Elliots Road

Writer-historian V. Sriram says that he will need 21/2 hours to cover his Sunday Walk for the Mylapore Fest 2011.
That is because he has over 40 personalities to talk about on this Heriatge Walk ( Jan 9, starts 6 am at Gandhi statue on the Marina).

We've told him to keep going - if you are joining Sriram do carry some juice and biscuits!
No free breakfast here!
Or maybe we could have planned a breakfast sit-around.
What say you?

Thamizh please!

We heard this loud and clear and have responded.
Fest schedules were printed in English and that was not enough.
So we printed a set in Thamizh and imagine the feedback thats come the way of our young volunteers who are doing the rounds of the lanes from 6 a.m.

They have been inviting families who live in the inner colonies to come for the Fest and enjoy it. People loved the steps that the volunteers took to personally invite them.
Communicate in Thamizh too - we got the message Mylapore !

Good feedback on Discover Mylapore!

25 teams took part in this year's Discover Mylapore contest we held on Sunday.
And the  feedback is so strong that we feel good about hosting it.
School students said they enjoyed the trip and got to know a part of Mylapore better.

We plan to host this event in a different format for 2012. Families will have to sign up.
And there will be a picnic feel to it.
Thanks folks for making us feel good about this event.
Special thanks to Suri K J who lends a hand always.

Look for the Cloth Bags!

SF, the Fest sponsor will continue its 'lets go green' campaign through this Fest the way it did last year.
So all those who carry plastic bags in the Fest area will have to part with those for new cloth bags.
They look great in design. Ask for one, for free.