Sunday, December 30, 2012

T Shirt contest winner

The result of the 'Design a T Shirt' contest is just out.

Here is the prize winning design by Surendiren P.
The design will be on the festival T Shirt this. Grab one for you and you can gift it to your friends and family. The T shirt will be available for sale at the Festival Office (near Sri Kapali temple theradi) during the fest from Jan. 10 to 13, 2013

Prize winning entry by Surendiren P

The other two entries, that have won commendations are by Priya Natarajan and Divya Madhan.
These are their entries.

Commendation 1 : Design by
Priya Natarajan

Commendation 2: Design by Divya Madhan

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Calling photographers to frame the best pictures

Photographers of all ages are invited to capture and submit their photographs of the Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival 2013. 

Register at the Sundaram Finance Counter (at the Chess Square, Nageswara Rao Park) to cover the morning events from 6.30 am and at the Sundaram Finance Counter (outside Rasi Silks) from 5.30 pm. Participants are welcome to cover all other events held in other venues.

Photographers may submit their CD with their collection of the Festival images to Sundaram Finance Limited, Corporate Communications Department, No. 21, Patullos Road , Chennai – 600 002 on or before Jan 15, 2012. 

The best images will be on display at an exhibition planned during the course of the year 2013. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jan.12 kolam contest will start only at 4 pm.

Holding a festival in public open spaces is never easy.
Challenges, hurdles, queries can fly in your face all the time!

This morn, the Hare Krishna movement folks called - they read the promos of the Fest and said that the annual Rath Yatra starts at the theradi on Jan.12, Sat at 3pm . . so would we take it into account.

Sure we need to!

So we are pushing the Saturday Kolam Contest on North Mada Street to 4pm instead of 3.30pm with the hope that the rath will make its way down the veedhi by that time . .

Friday, December 21, 2012

Heritage Walks: By V. Sriram, Chitra Madhavan

Two of our Festival allies are back with us for the 2013 Fest.

V Sriram and Chitra Madhavan will offer Heritage Walks at the Festival.

Sriram decided to have a Walk that takes  a look at a few well known lawyers of the area.  Starting from the gate of M Ct M School on Luz Church Road to Luz and ending at a spot on South Mada Street. About 90mins.

Chitra will talk about Less Known Features of Mylapore's Temples with a Walk from Sri Kapali Temple to the Chitrakulam area.

Both Walks are on Jan.13, Sunday. No registrations required - just land up!

There may be one more Walk. . keep logging in. . .

New Fest web site is up!

Our web site is up, about and abuzz.
The man who did a quick, simple and smart job of it is R. Prasanna.

He volunteered while waiting for a call for a doctoral program abroad and the collaboration worked.
Thanks Pras. And all the best in your research.

We hope you like this new look site - we added more visuals and kept it simple.
Mail us your comments -

Also, volunteerism is at the core of this Fest. Every year, 20 to 30 people of all ages take charge of the many events and run them.

For the 2013 Fest, we want freshers - college students and young working folks. Seniors who can be active are also welcome. But sign in fast -m we have a meeting lined up soon.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Elai Sapad; booked!!

The elai sapad idea seems to have worked.
30 people booked their spaces on Saturday morning and the Srikanths, the host on Devadi Street are happy. But this is a new challenge - to feed people who are first time guests!
Bookings had to be closed early - sorry if we disappointed others. There will be a next time.

Hopefully, this will goad more Mylaporeans to play hosts to sapad and tiffin for people and tourists.
If you are a Mylaporean family that is keen to join this project contact us.

Visual treats at Mylapore

Saturday. 10 am. Day 3 of the Fest.

We learn a lot on the Thursday of the Fest, day one. The glitches, the shortcomings, the mess-ups. A stree fest has its big challenges. So we had to revise our plans for Pitchu Pillai Street and ended up doing little. But the hiccup helped. We already have a plan for Fest 2013!

The feedback for the Vanna Mayil production is getting better. So we have decided to record the 60min production on video and have a visual document.

The three little docu films we have done also received positive feedback. So once we have rested fter the Fest, we hope to post those films on the Mylapore TV channel on YouTube.

This morn, it was nice to see members of a photography group, Photostrophy enjoy taking pictures of the 'mikeless' concert in the Park.
Mylapore always fascinates people. Come over with your cams.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Vanna Mayil; final reheasal at midnight!

Thats the way it is at Festivals.
Midnight rehearsals.

Vanna Mayil, the dance-music-visual production for MF 2012 is set for the act.
On January 4, the team waited patiently as workmen fixed the 2 stages at 10 pm and the rehearsal began soon after.
When the final call was given it was past midnight.

25 artistes will be featured, co ordinated by guru Revathi Ramachandran.
The production celebrates the less known communities - priests, acharis, potters, dancers and weavers who have enriched this area.

Elai Sapad; small start on Sunday on Devadi Theru

This Sunday, the Srikanth family will be ready to treat guests to a traditional sapad served on elai ( plantain leaves).

This is an idea floated by the people behind the annual MYLAPORE FESTIVAL.
The Srikanths live in their ancestral house off Devadi Street at the far end of Nadu Street. The house is over 100 years old.

On January 8, Sunday, Lakshmi will serve the lunch ( between 12 noon and 2 pm) to select guests who enjoy this experience, dining while seated on the floor.
Lakshmi can handle only four / five orders. Call 4201 1906 now.
The Fest organizers expect more Mylapore families to host the sapad this weekend. If you are also keen to reserve for the sapad ( when opportunities open) please email to - We will revert if there is space to lunch!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Making the Kolam Show Bigger, Better

We have been excited with the attention and interest that the Kolam Contest and Shows evince.
2 professors from the USA and one French arts person are here to observe and enjoy the shows.

Plus, we are web casting the Sunday show, 3.30pm onwards IST.

On sale here will be India Post postage displays of kolam stamps, a book of freehand kolams and maybe a few Tees.

The Saturday Contest - Jan 7 - is packed with 102 contestants and registration closed yesterday.