Saturday, January 07, 2012

Visual treats at Mylapore

Saturday. 10 am. Day 3 of the Fest.

We learn a lot on the Thursday of the Fest, day one. The glitches, the shortcomings, the mess-ups. A stree fest has its big challenges. So we had to revise our plans for Pitchu Pillai Street and ended up doing little. But the hiccup helped. We already have a plan for Fest 2013!

The feedback for the Vanna Mayil production is getting better. So we have decided to record the 60min production on video and have a visual document.

The three little docu films we have done also received positive feedback. So once we have rested fter the Fest, we hope to post those films on the Mylapore TV channel on YouTube.

This morn, it was nice to see members of a photography group, Photostrophy enjoy taking pictures of the 'mikeless' concert in the Park.
Mylapore always fascinates people. Come over with your cams.

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