Monday, December 29, 2008

Chess tourney for kids

The Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival 2009 will host a chess competition for children under 12 years

It will take place next month (in January) at the Chess Square of the Nageswara Rao Park in Mylapore. Sundaram Finance will present prizes to the winners of the chess contest.

For registration, please call: 98416 03285 or 28558077

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Design Contest for Students: Dec.28

A pre-event show this one . . 

Open to students in class 4 to 7. The challenge - to colour a design so well that it is chosen to be imprinted on special coffee mugs that we will give away as mementos and prizes at the Fest.
The mugs will also be on sale - limited edition. 

At Nageswara Rao Park, Luz.
Dec.28, 4 pm. For an hour.

You need to bring the colouring stuff - oils, water, crayons, pencils - and colour the design sheet we will provide.

There is no prior registration. Entries will be judged later by artist V V Ramani.

Kolam Contest Registration Opens

The books are open to register participants in the hugely popular Kolam Contests.
The dates to mark - Jan 24 and 25, 3.45 pm. 
South side of North Mada Street, Mylapore.

There will be two contests and each accommodates in about 101 people ( that is if Nisha's sister cyclone does not hit the city between now and mid January!) 
Yes, men and boys can also sign up.
But a person can sign up only for one contest.

The person to call is Preetha who is another veteran MF volunteer. The number - 94443 81298

The first caller was from Chingleput - this woman never fails to sign up.
This year we should have more people from the suburbs - thanks to early promos at the SF offices.

Welcome to Mylapore Festival 2009

I didn't get a Santa Claus assignment tonight so there was time to launch posts on Mylapore Festival 2009.

Sundaram Finance, as before is our sponsor.
And the venues remain the same - in and around Sri Kapali temple.

The dates have changed - Jan 22 to 25. Thursday to Sunday.

There will be two unique events on the calendar - one, a Mylapore Sound and Light show which will play on all four evenings of the Fest. Two, a therukoothu series on the Mahabharatam that will be staged on four evenings though the story will for the Fest start midway from the epic.

The rest of the calendar should be the way it has always been though there will be a few new events that encourage community participation ( more details on these will be posted soon).

The fest web site - - is being updated and should come alive soon. . .

Our contact - 98405 44629 - Revathi R, our longtime festival co ordinator.