Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Welcome to Mylapore Festival 2009

I didn't get a Santa Claus assignment tonight so there was time to launch posts on Mylapore Festival 2009.

Sundaram Finance, as before is our sponsor.
And the venues remain the same - in and around Sri Kapali temple.

The dates have changed - Jan 22 to 25. Thursday to Sunday.

There will be two unique events on the calendar - one, a Mylapore Sound and Light show which will play on all four evenings of the Fest. Two, a therukoothu series on the Mahabharatam that will be staged on four evenings though the story will for the Fest start midway from the epic.

The rest of the calendar should be the way it has always been though there will be a few new events that encourage community participation ( more details on these will be posted soon).

The fest web site - www.mylaporefestival.com - is being updated and should come alive soon. . .

Our contact - 98405 44629 - Revathi R, our longtime festival co ordinator.


madrasi said...

oh no, why did you shift the dates?

K R ARUN RAAJ said...

waiti out for a best show this time