Monday, January 14, 2008

Looking back; looking forward

We have just recovered. 
And the Pongal hols are an excuse to relax further.
The Chennai Sangamam is with, full blast and a tad loud.
In some ways it is rocking the city.

In some ways, it built up on many little things we have done at the Mylapore Festivals. 
The concerts and workshops in the park, the folk shows, the food adda . . .
And that makes us feel good.

What will make us feel better is when other larger areas of the city flesh out their own fests.
We feel dejected that Triplicane is labouring the idea after we gave it a big boost two years ago.
This is just the area which should have a vibrant fest of its own.

Thiruvanmiyur could be inspired too.
Purusawalkam is another area that should have a fest. Washermanpet and Royapuram too.

There are bigger things to aim for now. How about a One Way or a Only Walk zone on the Mada Streets on Sundays for a few hours please?
We will be asking the Traffic Police Chief to consider this idea.

If this succeeds, then the Mada Veedhis will have another life. 
And we will be encouraged to go forward with another idea - host a 'Sound and Light' show in the Sannidhi Square, on Mylapore. We have a script ready and we have some talented people to do the music, the visuals and the soundscape.

Does this idea sound good? Let us have your feedback too.

And tell us what we can do to improve this Fest which is now know outside the country! (we have with us a French artist who has been studying the kolams. . . )

As for me, I'd like to have a few more creative spaces for children besides the one at the park.
Also, we plan to have more senior, well known Mylaporeans give talks on life in Mylapore.
Plus, there will be a slew of documentaries on this area which will be screened at the 2009 Fest.

And I'd like the Pallankuzhi Contests to be a rage and the kolams stretch from the top end of North Mada Street!

See you in 2009. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi this is a little bit out of context with the post, sorry. This is i picture i took in the mylapore festival sometime back and i wanted to share it with you, i loved being there.