Sunday, January 06, 2008

Day 1 and 2

The rains challenged us. We kept our cool.
Day 1 was just fine.
It made immense sense to kick off at 7 pm on the Thursday so that we could escape the peak hour traffic.
Even the performances were tight.
We need this warm up evening to get the buzz going.
Wish we had another set of folk artistes groups to add to the colour and sounds on the main stage.
The new set of street lamps we made got all the attraction and we have begun to offer them on sale.
Foreign tourists picked up a lot of souvenirs.
It rained minutes after the last show ended on the main stage on Day 1.
Relief. Then it poured and poured.
It did the next morn after the park kutcheri.

But we didn't give up hope.
Clear skies from 3 pm onwards and we are in high spirits.
We have close to 18 volunteers helping us, two co ordinators.
They are raw but they strive.
The Kerala-based panchavadyam artistes take time to roll the music and the martial arts by music.
The wet evening keeps off the book sellers and some craftspeople who have stalls alongside the temple tank. 
And at 10 pm, we begin work on marking out spaces for kolams. Back breaking work!

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Anonymous said...

would have been nice if someone had taken the trouble to update the blog or the website -- so non-Mylaporeans could have planned to attend accordinlgy. The day it rained and the next day -- it was really annoying having no updates.

Plus you could have avoided the 1000 calls. Since everyone has an Internet onnections the number of calls could have been cut to a third!