Saturday, January 05, 2008

Day 2 : Wet but fun!

Our cell phones buzzed and buzzed and buzzed. . .
Is the evening Art Contest at the park on?
Will Rahnu's cartoon workshop go on as scheduled?
All the artistes called to confirm whether they can get ready for the evening show.
The girls at the Art Street were calling to say that they would miss the fun that evening if it rained!
The participants of the Saturday Kolam Contest were the most worried.
I guess I would have answered more than a thousand calls.
But we kept our spirits high.

At 2 pm, the skies smiled at us.
Cartoonist Rahnu was game to have his board on the Chess Square at the Park surrounded by pools of water at 4. 30 pm
60 kids turned up for the contest and the workshop.
Rahnu liked all the kids to learn the art of cartooning. And then break for the contest!
The walkers in the park, the parents all joined the fun and watched the lines and circles turning into lions and tigers!
The Panchavadhyam from Kerala and Velakali rocked the park.
Sri Kapali temple hosts a religious discourse on all Friday evenings. So the festival dance programme was advanced to 5.30 pm.
Guru Sujatha Mohan's disciples presented all the pieces on Mylapore and concluded with a Kapaleeswarar Pancharatnam.
Books, arts and handicrafts took cautious steps to face the rains any moment.
Navbharat School from T. Nagar travelled on the wet roads.
We retired quickly to save energies for the the next two days - Kolam and Pallankuzhi contests, longer shows, quiz and talk!

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Anonymous said...

If you had a volunteer to update your blog/website on the day it rained and on the next day -- you perhaps needn't have answered a 1000 phone calls.(Actually imagine the annoyance of the people who were trying to reach you and got a busy tone..)

Bear in mind, it is not a festival for Mylaporeans alone any longer.
And doesn't everyone have Internet these days? It will be very helpful for outsiders to know what exactly is going on so they can plan their day accordingly.