Thursday, January 11, 2007

A parallel show

It happens always as the Mylapore Festival buzz spreads. Quickly, street hawkers, toy makers and home based caterers head to the Mada Streets here.
And set up shop.

On Pitchupillai Street, the Art Street of the fest, a shop keeper, coaxes his wife to run a stall which sells all sorts of religious booklets. The 'panchu mittai wallah' lands up and spins money with the pinky fluff. More Narikuravas spread their beads and chains and sell fast.

On Kumaraguru Street, which runs alongside the temple wall, a family which resides here, pull out tables and begins to sell steaming iddlis and hot vadas. As the street fills up with people gawking at the stuff that woman members of the Self Help Groups are selling here, the snacks disappear real fast.

We snap an idea on observing this - let's have more food stalls all around the Mada Streets and Fest venue - food is always the hot seller you see. And it sells fast on the street.

Now we know why the Janal Bajji and the Kolakottai Mami shops in this area are so popular for their simple, tasty local food.

Now tell us, what kind of food would you like our caterers to serve next year? Your feedback will be really useful.


Anonymous said...

Where is this "Janal Bajji" shop ?

Vincent D' Souza said...

Janal Bajji is on the street that leads off from Mylapore Fund office to the temple. Ponnambala Vadyar Street.
The Janal is old and dirty. The food, home made.
Have your fill.

And if you come across more nooks in Mylapore, file here.

Anonymous said...

where is pitchu pillai street located? i heard and read about the famous food shop called Mami kadai there. kindly give a good land it the street which takes off perpendicular to Ambika appalam depot or ..