Friday, October 21, 2011

Calling young Mylapore musicians to contribute to a theme song!

A theme song for the Sundaram Finance MYLAPORE FESTIVAL 2012 is to be produced.

We are looking for young, talented Mylaporean artistes who will give their talent freely to the song and for interludes to be used in a dance-visual production on a Mylapore theme.

We now need 2 violinists ( classical), 4 voices ( trained in classical), one mirdangam artiste, one tabla artiste . . We prefer youngsters who are training in music for 2/3 years and enjoy this collaboration.

The song will be posted on the Fest web site and used in a  dance production for the Fest.
Those selected will have to devote 2/3 hrs for 3/4 practise sessions in Nov and one/two recording sessions in the city. 
All of them will get certificates and acknowledgement on the screen.
Keen to be part of this creative team? 

Call Sridharini at 98412 33120.

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