Saturday, January 10, 2015

The unseen Mylapore; morning walks suggested

The more you walk around Mylapore the more you learn of a past that is secreted in its streets and lanes. And we were rewarded with new sights as we joined Dr Chithra Madhavan this morning on the Temples Walk - it started at Sri Madhava Perumal Temple and ended at Sri Malleeswarar Temple.

Even as we listened to the guide and took in the facade of the temples we visited there were sights to behold, especially some old houses, some tiled, some terraced still standing between tall apartment blocks.

Most houses of the past stand on temple property and so survive grand construction ideas.
If you like wandering around the old areas of the city, come to Mylapore.

Enter the roads off Kutchery Road and wander through the lanes but make sure you walk slowly - Mundaga Kanni Amman Road, Bazaar Road, Arundale Road and the streets that run off them.

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