Sunday, January 05, 2014

Mural art on ther shed; first attempt

This then is an idea that has held its time. Giving the wall of the there shed - the theradi - a touch of local color.

This time around Vijaykumar Reddy, trustee of the Sri Kapali Temple nodded his head, and the temple managers did so too and here we are ready to clean that wall of spit, mud, yuck and all, give it a coat of primer and go to work.

Members of Chennai Weekend Artists, ever so gracious at community driven art will bring their ideas and brushes. Children will also be invited to fill in and express themselves.

Our guideline - keep the art in consonance with the local flavors and colors!

Long ago, a workshop at Max Mueller Bhavan, Madras debated ideas for Using Open Spaces. Prasanna Ramaswamy was the co-ordinator at MMB then.

Out of that meet the Namma Mylapore idea  grew, laboured and faltered.

The Festival idea has come a long way. The ther ( chariot) shed mural, when it does get completed - we think it can be a work in progress across 2 months - will perhaps be the start of more use of spaces in this zone for art of all kinds.

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Jayamcm said...

Very innovative! Cleaning up the corners and using them for cretive arts!