Saturday, January 12, 2019

For a No Drive Zone on mada street

The time around, Mylapore Police have doubled up on duty at the Fest. Regulating the traffic heavy streets, especially East Mada is tough though at the Fest the people outnumber the autos and cars.

We have advocated for a No Traffic Zone at least on East Mada Street - not to serve our purpose but to demonstrate how such a regulation can make for a great atmosphere.
Our Smart City execs, our civic officers need to be coaxed much to try such initiatives.

But senior police officers appreciate the Festival effort - we have no problems getting the OK to host it. And this time, GCC's senior zone officer said we don't need a OK to run our Fest since she was aware of what we do. "Just make sure all is well and any mess is cleared," she said.

Its a slow process working with state-dom. But some year soon, we hope the No Drive Zone will become a reality.

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