Wednesday, January 16, 2019


As the curtains came down on the 2019 edition of Mylapore Festival on the eve of Pongal our thoughts were on discussing lessons learnt and plans for 2020.

Our boys quickly filled in the holes that were dug on some streets to erect poles and put up stalls; and we got civic staff to clean up the streets we used so that food and other waste was not left around.

And we will soon put out our call to artistes for 2020. Yes, though we are a very very small team behind the Fest, we work through the year - looking at shows of artistes we wish to invite to our stage and discussing with curators ideas that a street can take.

Can we use space off Sri Vendanta Desikar temple for small, snappy shows? Where can we locate a full Rangoli Contest for 100 participants?

Share your ideas - mail them -

Goodbye. See you in 2010.

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