Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Kapali temple has space for more dance

Classical Bharathanatyam performances inside Sri Kapali temple has been a tradition in Mylapore Festival for years now.

This one-hour performance by young students of famed gurus is a colourful one that draws huge audience and make the temple goers sit  for a while and enjoy in a great ambiance.

When we were told that there is another dance event hosted by the Chairman of the temple, Mr. Vijay Kumar Reddy on one of the days of the festival, we needed work around the timings.

Mr. Reddy who is a great supporter of music and dance, sponsors many awards and events during the 'December season' in Madras. So it wasn't difficult for the Mylapore Festival team to convince him to have both the dance events in the temple on that day.

Dance guru Mathumathy Prakash too doesn't want to give up a chance to perform at the temple and has readily agreed to perform an hour earlier on the day.

Now, on Jan. 12, there will be a Bharathanatyam performance by the students of Mathumathy Prakash followed by a Odissi dance recital by the dancers of Nrityagram, Bangalore, Surupa Sen and Bijayini Satpathy.

The Navarathri mandapam of Sri Kapali temple has space for all this and more

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