Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Team that builds the base for the Fest!

Five key men and their teams make this Fest happen. For they are ones who build the foundations and stages for the shows to roll and go on for four days.

Bhupalan has been with us for a decade. His team is small and it fixes all the basic electrical systems we need, replacing fused bulbs inside our lovely cloth lamps and the paper lamps from Pondy that decorate 5 streets / lanes.

Swamy has also been with us for some years and his Triplicane based team handles the sound and lights at the main stage - Swamy is the kind of person who always says 'yes' to requests - collar mikes in a jiffy, additional light on the small stage and stuff.

Shankar from Llyods Road joined us this year and will fix all the stalls. Big but quick infrastructure a Fest requires.

And the man who runs around and fixes things through 24 hours - Kathiravan from Mylapore Times. Kolam maavu, artists' stands, banners and posters . . and more. That is a lot he handles.

The Fest runs on this team in many ways.

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