Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Mohan's docu film on margazhi mood on mada veedhis

A new docu-film has just landed on our table and it makes good viewing.

Mohan Das Vadakkara has captured the sounds, sights and music of the margazhi season on the mada veedhis of Mylapore. The 12minute film will be among the 3 short films we will screen at the Main Stage area of the Fest.

Titled Margazhi Moods on mada veedhis, the film has been uploaded on YouTube last night and we want you to see it and post your comments too!

Mohan Das had a terrible end to his first shoot on the veedhis in late December - his hard disk crashed and he lost great footage, including some great predawn shots of the Arudra procession out of Sri Kapali Temple.

But he doubled up last week and delivered in quick time. For the past few years, the Fest commissions very small films on Mylapore to be screened at the Fest. If you have ideas, buzz us for 2014.

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