Sunday, January 25, 2009

100 participants on Day 1 of Pallankuzhi contest!

The Pallankuzhi contest introduced last year (2008) as part of the festival is becoming more popular. About 50 teams - 100 participants - took part on the first day at Hotel Karpagam hall.
The senior citizens seemed happy just in playing the game.
Unlike the kids and youngsters, they are not keen on winning a prize. Playing the game which they did in their childhood was fun for them.
The rules for the contest was different from the format they used to play. Still they caught up with the rules quickly.
The kids enjoyed marking the games they won against their 'senior' partners.
The second day contest will be on at 2 pm today.
A quiz follows.
All the prizes - treasure hunt, kids kolam contest, quiz contest will be distributed after the Mylapore quiz at Karpagam Hall.
A docu on writer Su.Raa. will be screened at 6.30 pm


Anonymous said...

The children and the elders played the game together. Then why the juniors got a coffee cup and the elders got a big parcel as prize?

Anonymous said...

Learn patience from Revathi, who conducted this competition! The volunteers were swift in action. Loved the count down and the whistle blow. We stayed for the quiz. Great knowledge source. But why questions on Kalki Krishnamoorthy Road and Old Mahabalipuram Road, which are not part of Mylapore? Every year we get to know more on Mylapore. We participated in the treasure hunt also!

Unknown said...

The quiz was a nice one excepting a blackspot. They should not have included the National Anthem in the quiz contest . It is National Anthem not jolilo jimkana. Natinal Anthem is sung only at the end of the programme. Only one person stoodup immediately. It is a crime by that quiz master to include that question. ask him to stop this in future
K R Jambunathan